Getting Around Jamaica

While buses are numerous, they are notoriously overcrowded and uncomfortable. Taxis are readily available – just make sure that the license plate says “PPV,” meaning that it is a licensed public passenger vehicle, and set the price clearly before you set off.

A rental car is a necessity for villa guests, especially if you plan to do some independent sightseeing. We recommend that you arrange this ahead of time not only for peace of mind, but, in most cases, for the best rates. Most agencies offer unlimited mileage; be sure yours does.

Driving is on the left side of the road in Jamaica, so you will need to be extra cautious. The speed limit in towns is 30 mph (48 kmph), and outside towns is 50 mph (80 kmph). Gas is measured by imperial gallons, which are about 25% larger than U.S. gallons. Most gas stations don’t take credit cards.