It’s just like living in a birder’s paradise!


It’s just like living in a birder’s paradise!

The Caribbean Islands are home to the most beautiful birds in the world. You do not have to be a professional twitcher trying to satiate their life book. The bird life is so abundant that even the casual observer can appreciate the color and vocalization of the species.

The geological make up of the Caribbean Islands varies enough to have hundreds of square miles of mountains, forests, lowland deserts and swamps. Each island has parks and sanctuaries that range in skill acessability from family friendly with observation towers to organized guided bird tours for the adventurer.

Two of the most legendary locations for Caribbean birding in Anguilla are Dog Island and Long Pond.

1. Dog Island

Dog Island is about 8 miles north-west of Anguilla, and the easiest way to arrive is through a day tour group from the main island.

It is a well-known birder’s paradise due to the huge number of nesting seabirds, including Sooty Terns, Magnificent Frigatebirds, and Masked Boobies. Over 9 different types of seabirds raise their young on Dog Island, in addition to sea turtles and rare lizards.

2. Long Pond

Long Pond is a privately owned wetland, and tour groups are organized for Caribbean birding trips to this location as well. It is a swampy area very popular with shore birds, pelicans, egrets, and herons. Bird watchers can witness the birds nesting, as well as hunting for Caribbean fish.

Another favorite is Mustique which features many Caribbean bird watching sites, the most famous being the Bird Sanctuary, the Lagoon site, and the Cotton House Ponds.

1. The Bird Sanctuary

The Bird Sanctuary is a protected mangrove swamp near Mustique’s small airport landing strip. It consists of a lagoon surrounded by mangrove forest, providing the type of shelter that the majority of Mustique’s bird population requires.

Herons, crested hummingbirds, osprey, kingfishers, and blue-winged teal are common birds to see during the afternoon in The Bird Sanctuary.

2. The Lagoon

The Lagoon features the best surviving mangrove swamp throughout the entire region of St. Vincents and the Grenadines.

Birds like the Grenada Flycatcher (native only to the Grenadines area), Least Sandpiper, and more than 10 different species of heron live in The Lagoon, which can be visited by an easily walked trail.

3. The Cotton House Ponds

The Cotton House Ponds host many species of birds, including Eared Doves, Spotted Sandpipers, Green Herons, and Wilson’s Snipe.

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