A Tale of Ghosts in the Cayman Islands for Halloween

CaribbeanDays says boo to you as we are off to the Grand Cayman for this bone tickling tale.

In the Grand Cayman, did you know that grim grinning ghosts come out to socialize? They pretend to terrorize! Guests can find an adventure on the Mastic Trail that will take you to a place of lore, Duppy Turn.

As per Cayman lore, ghosts are called Duppies. You don’t see their faces, just their bodies drifting.

Duppy Trail is in Grand Caymen within the Mastic Reserve along the hike of Mastic Trail.

The sign states: “Duppy Turn came by its name for good reason. Many North Siders believe that pirates used to hide their treasure at the turn in the path, then killed local Caymanians and buried them to ‘mind’ their treasure. The ghosts of the Caymanians populated the turn and were often experienced, particularly by travelers on dark nights. Thus, we have this well-known North Side site of Duppy Turn.”

Folklore says, “If you felt a sudden breeze on the body, if a dog started howling in the middle of the night, that was the sign that “Duppy a wander.” If the lamp light flickered without a breeze, people would say, “Duppy wandering.”

Many locals still believe the lore and have some pretty grand stories to tell. But Caribbean History of Pirates and the Legends that have followed coupled with the Paradise of Beaches is what makes the Caribbean endearing.

And if you are really worried about duppies, all the new development, electric lights and traffic have frightened the duppies away; we only enjoy the tales.


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