Best Beach Villas in Barbados: The Ultimate Caribbean Living Experience

The Caribbean has many great treasures when it comes down to island destinations. Barbados is only one of those wonderful places. This island is by itself independent country and close to South America, just over 250 miles off the coast of Venezuela. It is east of Saint Lucia and north of Trinidad and Tobago. The island itself is only about 165 square miles of low-lying areas, but the tropical trade winds, tropical beauty, and of course, beautiful golden beaches make it popular for touring.

In general, Barbados is an island with peaceful beaches everywhere. It is placed in the Atlantic coastline and has been one of the most heavily visited destinations in the Caribbean. The main attraction of the island is its soft, warm, and quiet beaches. The white sand against the waters is the ideal complement for the blue and calm waves.

If you planning to enjoy your holidays at Barbados Beaches, you’ll have to probably fly to a major airport on the island, Sir Grantley Adams World Airport. Many airlines fly into this airport, about anywhere worldwide, and it’s truly a very important heart for the Caribbean, so irrespective of where you are traveling in this region of the planet, you’ll fly into Barbados to catch a flight or cruise to another island.

Holidaying families can select from hotels, beach vacation rentals and beach villas for rent in Barbados to occupy during their stay. Beach home rentals and condos are the finest choices though if you are on a restricted budget. While this could require you to walk a few yards towards the shore, it is still an fantastic way to distribute your budget, saving on your accommodation expenses to have a rather more money for going to nice eateries and other places.

Some of the best things you’ll find when you focus upon any of the Barbados Beach. Surfing is hot, because the waters here are excellent for this, where the Soup Bowl, which is found close to the city of Bathsheba, is a popular surfing destination. The western and southern coasts are the hottest, and actually can enjoy the sunny days lying on a beach of pink sand, if you would like to sunbathe.

If you want to experience luxury villa living in Barbados checkout our top Barbados beach villas:

The fosters beach villa has one of the most superb beach views in Lower Carlton, St. James, Barbados. It has 4 bedrooms and four bathrooms certain to provide ultimate comfort and living.

Fosters House is a beautiful, fantastically furnished, beachfront villa, found on a spectacular beach at Lower Carlton, St. James.

There are 4 air-conditioned bedrooms with loose ensuite on the upper floor and on the primary floor there’s a family room. fully equipped entertainment room, huge living and dining area opening onto a patio with a stunning view of the large pool with deck and the sea . The house also has a tiny gymnasium.

Blue Point
If you’re attempting to find a cozy villa to stay in Lower Carlton, St. James for your family Blue Point villa is the best choice for you. It can house up to 8 people with 4 comfy bedrooms and 4 and a half lavatory installed with the best amenities to promise a cozy and sumptuous living.

This elegant 4 bedroom shoreline villa is set in lush tropical gardens and found in a quaint setting on the beach south of famous Gibbs Beach.

Blue Point is an absolutely enclosed property with a swimming pool and surrounding terrace for guests’ pleasure.

The master bedroom is located on the upper level and has a charming wrap-around balcony with fantastic ocean views. The villa has an open plan design and the sitting and dining room open utterly to a covered patio overlooking the gardens and pool.

There’s a natural water course running through the property to the beach and a beach gate opens to a white sandy beach just to the south of Blue Point which offers good swimming.

High Trees
The High Trees villa offers one of the most comfortable and splendid rental villas in Gibbes, St. Peter, Barbados. It has 4 bedrooms and 4 1/2 toilets ready to accommodate up to 8 people.

Set in approximately one acre of lush tropical gardens is this charming single level house next to Gibbes Beach. As one can spot from its name, High Trees is enclosed by many aged Casuarina trees, which offer a cool and intimate setting to the grounds.

From its open plan living areas, High Trees has been engineered to exploit the fantastic Caribbean weather, with out of doors dining and a gazebo on the grounds.

West Haven
If you’re looking for a cozy and luxurious villa to stay for your family or group our West Haven villa is the best choice for you. With a comfortable and splendid four bedrooms and 4 and a half lavatories this villa can accommodate up to eight persons making it a good choice for families and bigger groups.

West Haven is a two-storey luxurious beachfront villa found on the internationally famous Gibbs Beach ; a white sandy beach lapped by the calmer blue Caribbean warm waters on the West Coast of Barbados.

A five minute drive north of the property brings you to the heart of Speightown, once called ‘Little Bristol’. This consequential little city offers miscellaneous shopping with the most delightful quaint and casual sea view trattorias enticing visitors with their local Caribbean seasoned cuisine.

Arlington House can be discovered snuggled in the guts of the city. This is a ‘must see’ interactive museum with audio visual features of ‘old Barbados’.

West Haven offers you privacy, peace and everything that you need to for a calming vacation with near-perfect weather throughout the year.

If you need a luxury villa with total comfort and the most superb beach views our Land Fall Villa is the most suitable option for you. It has 6 bedrooms and 6 1/2 bathrooms good to accommodate a sizable group of 14 folks.

This specific two-story, six bedroom property offers the ultimate in beachfront luxury, located right on famous Sandy Lane Beach, just north of Sandy Lane Hotel.

Throughout Landfall a high tech sound system is installed capable of filling the entire villa with the music of your preference. A perfect house for entertaining, this unique property is perfect for nightfall cocktails in the Jacuzzi, a mid-day lunch party around the pool or a starlit barbecue dinner under the stars.