Christmas in Saint Lucia

Instead of a log fireplace in the snow belt, celebrate the holidays on a white sandy beach on the Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia. Like everywhere in the world, families and friends gather together to observe the holidays and traditions of the season. An annual tradition on the island, the “Festival of Light and Renewal” begins on Saint Lucy’s Day (December 13th) each year. The event celebrates the Patron Saint of Light, Saint Lucia, whom the island is named. In the spirit of light and friendly competition, the local residents and visitors are encouraged to make vibrant lanterns to light and decorate the local towns and villages. These lanterns are then paraded through town to be used in an annual lighting ceremony.

Food is an important part of any holiday, and a Christmas dinner on Saint Lucia includes roast lamb or the traditional roast turkey accompanied by locally harvested yams, sweet potatoes and plantains. Dinner libations include ginger beer or sorrel (a bright red spiced drink) to accompany the holiday meal. The traditional dessert is a Christmas Pudding with dried currants, raisins, and fruits – all soaked in red wine for months before being added to the pudding. If you see it on the menu…give it a try, it’s worth sampling.

As the days count down to Christmas, the “Bursting the Bamboo”, a tradition that can be heard all around the island as an early sign that Christmas is approaching. Young men stuff kerosene soaked rags into the hollow end of a bamboo cane and light a wick causing a loud boom – I’d call it the Saint Lucian version of firecrackers.

Celebrating the holidays in the Caribbean culture is an enriching experience for the entire family. If you’re ready to treat your family to a holiday filled with light and laughter, choose a vacation in Saint Lucia. Start your search today, at

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