Famously Fun Activities in the Caribbean!

If you are planning a family vacation to the Caribbean this year, be sure to arrange activities that create those once-in-a-lifetime memories that will have the kids reminiscing for generations to come! The Caribbean offers an abundance of water sports along breathtaking beaches and waterways. With so many choices, here are a few unique opportunities you and your family can share.

Tobago, and her sister isle, Trinidad, are the most southern islands in the Caribbean, located a mere seven miles off Venezuela’s north eastern coast. “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe took place on Tobago, and is also believed to be the place Robert Louis Stevenson had in mind when he wrote “Treasure Island.” With that in mind, let the adventure begin.

  • Stay on the rugged path to Argyle Falls, Tobago’s highest waterfall standing at 175 ft. (54 meters) tall. Enjoy the walk through the dense rain-forest alive with flora and fauna you will only see in the Caribbean. You will hear the water fall before you see it,  as the water cascades down three dramatic levels. Be ready to be amazed!
  • Visit a working Cocoa Plantation. We all eat chocolate but have you ever seen cocoa in it’s rawest form? Take a tour to see the trees, pods, and even a taste a cocoa bean straight from the plant. Be inspired and learn how chocolate is produced on the island–who knows, you may have the next chocolate entrepreneur in your family.
  • After a long day on the Island, escape back to your luxury villa, Caribella. Located in Samaan Grove, this four bedroom villa with private en-suite bathrooms, will round out your vacation with the ultimate in relaxation. Whether you’re sitting by the private pool, or entertaining on the patio, you can count on a fabulous time for the entire family. Click here to take a virtual tour of Caribella, your next vacation destination!

St. Martin is the only island in the world shared by two counties, France and the Netherlands. There is no physical border between them just 37 white sandy beaches for all to enjoy. Travel from one country to the other and explore the unique cultures each country embodies and embraces.

  • Take a horseback ride along the beach or bay. It’s something you’ve see in movies and on postcards and maybe its even on your bucket list, but do yourself a favor and experience it first hand. In the spirit of getting back to nature, your entire family will feel the freedom and power of the Caribbean on the back of a mighty stead. A memory captured forever in their hearts and souls!
  • A day at the zoo. The St. Maarten Zoo is small, but adorable. With a variety of animals from around the world, including parrots, monkeys, bats, and reptiles to name a few, your zoo experience in Tobago will be much more relaxed than you’re used to in American zoo parks. There is even a petting zoo with goats and rabbits. Don’t be surprised to see free-range chickens, iguanas, and peacocks roaming about in the zoo. The zoo sells peanuts by the bag to feed the animals. Your entire family will cherish the up close and personal experience with the animals and their handlers. Get in touch with nature, literally!
  • Finish out your extraordinary day in luxury at Villa Atrium, located in Les Jardins de La Baie Orientale in northeast St. Martin. This charming family villa boast four bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms; two bedrooms are in the main structure and two bedrooms are located in bungalows around the pool area. With an exotic Moroccan motif, the open air terrace brings the cool breeze to the living room and kitchen areas.  Feel like royalty in the midst of luxury! Click here to see what your tropical paradise looks like!

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