Our first stop on the Caribbean Tour

Since I have not written a blog in quite a while, I thought I would start up by writing a small piece about each island.  I have traveled to all of them and I  am going to put a more personal touch to them from my viewpoint.  I will start with Anguilla.  It is great to visit for a day if you are looking for beautiful, I mean gorgeous beaches, flat, sandy, pure white and sandy.  There is nothing to do but beaches.  You will find some restaurants and beach bars and small shops.  Some people can handle all this “nothing to do” for a longer time than others….so you pick your length of stay and go for it.  If you decide to visit Anguilla for a day, just take a ferry over from St. Martin, right out of Marigot.  It takes about 30 minutes and they run very frequently.  Same thing for the Anguilla guests, just hop a ferry over into Marigot for lunch, dinner or shopping on St. Martin.   Here is some more info on Anguilla you can find our website.  Tune in for our next blog about Barbados.