Smart and Safe Travel can be stress free

We all can’t wait to get away from the daily grind, the stress and pressures of our lives and work.

We must remember that we cannot let our guard down and become a victim of crime.

Crime exists everywhere, on every island and in every city.  Sure, some places more and some places less.

Here are some tips to keep you safe and stress free on your vacation and they are just common sense practices.

Don’t bring a lot of cash, travel with traveler’s checks or use credit, debit cards if possible

Don’t bring expensive jewelry, or at least not a lot of it.

Don’t leave items in the main area of your car and lock it.  If a camera is seen on the seat and the car is locked, they may still break in.  Lock your valuables in the trunk and park in a busy area.

Lock up your villa and double check it.  Make sure blinds and security gates are down and alarm systems are on.

Use the safe.  Every villa should have a safe and although you feel that because you have secured the villa, you still should put your valuables in the safe and lock it.

Don’t leave valuables on counters such as computers, money clips, jewelry, cameras, purses…anything that looks enticing to a would be robber.

Make sure you find out the name and number of the nearest police station and hospital before you travel or get that information from your greeter.

You can still keep safe, by playing smart and you will have a stress free vacation.