St. Martin Villas For Couples: The Perfect Caribbean Honeymoon Dream Villa

St Martin, an island, is in the northeast Caribbean. The island is split between France and the Netherlands while Holland side has the Maximum population. It is one out of the 4 constituent countries which forms the Kingdom of Netherlands.

Its French side is popular for its shopping, clothing, nude beaches and rich Indian and French Caribbean cuisine. The island’s Dutch side is favored for its exotic drinks made with local rum-based guava berry liquors, beaches, Jewellery, festive nightlife and ample casinos.

The night activities reign supreme on St. Martin so you can party all night round. Dance the whole night long or simply order a drink and enjoy your night to the fullest. The trendy beach bars, clubs and dance venues make a night to remember for all visitors.

St Martin has total 36 beaches and each beach has its own atmosphere. Some of the beaches have high current waves and these beaches are expedient for the surfers whereas some of the beaches are favorable for kids because they’re calm. All of the beaches in St Martin are mostly populated by holiday makers and particularly with the honeymooners.

Some of the beaches are small and are in rocky cliffs. From another perspective some of its beaches are highly extended. The commonest and pleasing thing on all the beaches is the white sand and translucent water.

Paragliding and Sky diving are 2 favored sporting activities among the tourists of St. Martin. You get a chance to view and appreciate the beauty of this island fully. You have got an phenomenal view of its plains and hills and also the wonderful beaches.

Being a French island the emphasis is on comfort of the visitors. You can notice that the beaches are isolated with extravagant restaurants and luxury St. Martin Villas for couples. The bistros provide the best dining experiences anywhere in the Caribbean.

If you’re looking for the best accommodation and beach houses in St. Martin check our popular beach houses and cottages:

A beautiful hill side cottage with 2 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms it can house up to 4 people. Complete with amenities to ensure a luxurious and comfortable living experience.

Only 3 minutes drive from Baie Longue Beach, it has an overlook view of the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea and sitting on magnificent landscaped grounds; this new, extensive and cutting edge hill side manor is the perfect spot for those searching for recreation and comfort as it is placed minutes from restaurants and night life.

A beautiful beach house offering a magnificent beach view of dawn beach it has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms perfect for 6 people.

Bell’mare or “beautiful sea” in Italian this beach house and offers a beautiful sea view from this great three bedroom, three bathroom beachfront manor. The home sits in an overlooking view of Dawn Beach, one of the most pleasant shorelines on the island.

Bell’mare is the only home in the gated group of Dawn Beach Estates that has immediate beach access and simply a couple of steps away is the white sand of the Caribbean.

Blue Mall – Moonrise
This is an Impressive brand new apartment found at the Blue Residence in Cupecoy. It has 2 rooms, with the apartment occupying 2 stories featuring a magnificent 180 degree view extending from the sea and Baie Longue shoreline over Porto Cupecoy and all the way across Simpson Bay Lagoon. It also has 2 1/2 bathrooms perfect for 4 people.

Caribbean Princess A2
Ideal beach house for 4 people it has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms completely equipped to ensure a luxurious and comfortable stay for guests.

The living room is gigantic and incorporates an open kitchen complete with amenities. It has an enormous porch perfect to welcome you for meals and relaxing times.

The carissa cottage can accommodate up to 4 people with fully equipped 2 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms. It has a beautiful beach front view of Baie Rouge Beach.

Our Villa Carisa is an exquisite two room estate which has been recently revamped and is conveniently located on Baie Rouge shoreline. The estate features a magnificent surrounding sea view, a pool and warmed jacuzzi. A media room and gazebo.

La Vie en Bleu
A beautiful 2 bedroom and 2 1/2 bathroom villa it can accommodate up to 4 people and offers one of the best beach views in Baie Rouge.

This new shoreline property is completely exquisite with amazing views of the turquoise Caribbean ocean waters and the beautiful blue sky which are separated by the island of Anguilla appearing in the far skyline.

Nid d’Amour
This is one of the best hill side villas in Terress Basses this is a perfect home for up to 4 people it has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms equipped with the latest amenities to guarantee a luxurious and comfortable Caribbean living experience.

A completely air conditioned 2 room manor that offers Spectacular Views over Baie Rouge which along with the delicate ocean breezes change this estate into the ideal romantic hideaway or can simply be described as the perfect Love’s Nest.