Top Wedding Villas In Antigua: The Perfect Venue For An Everlasting Promise

Antigua is a preferred island that stands in as a perfect marriage Caribbean destination in the West Indies. Known as a luxury Caribbean escape, Antigua is the ideal place to be married and to tie the knot. Though the name means ancient, the concept of having a wedding at this beautiful and romantic place isn’t at all ancient. In fact , it is becoming as one of the most asked for marriage destinations in the Caribbean. Should you be looking for a fun and bold destination for your marriage, then you might just have found the ideal place.

With over 360 white and golden beaches, a big spread of things to do, beautiful snorkeling and diving, and warm tropical breezes, Antigua has won over the hearts of travelers from around the globe. Antigua has something special for every need and each budget. Irrespective of what you need in your Caribbean wedding can be discovered in this tropical shangri la from  wedding beach villas in Antigua, to lush gardens and romantic wedding venues.

The best counsel for arranging a wedding in Antigua is to consult a marriage planning professional. They are there for you to help you organise things and then get them done. Having their expert advice along with someone that can handle the details will make your marriage less stressful, and unlock a considerable time for you to knock yourself out.

Many couples who stay in Antigua will prepare with the resort they are staying at to help them plan the big day and ensure that everything runs smoothly. This then makes live a little less stressful for them before they important day arrives. Some of the more all inclusive resorts in Antigua often employ a wedding co-ordinate who will make sure that everything is arranged in a few cases before the arrival of the couple. They may help to make sure that all the obligatory licenses have been secured and help to order the events on your wedding day.

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding venue in Antigua checkout our villa designed for a quiet and romantic ceremony:

Palm Point
The Palm Point villa offers one of the most magnificent beach front view of the Jolly Harbour. It has 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms perfect and can house up to 12 people. The serene atmosphere and romantic view of Palm Point makes it a perfect venue for quiet and passionate ceremonies.

Palm Point is among the finest Non-public beach villas in Antigua. Situated on the peninsular of The Harbour with treble aspect perspectives there are just a few to equal it. The six superb en-suite bedrooms surround the two open plan living areas and from here you are just a few steps away from the private white sand beach and into calm blue ocean.

This spacious 10,000sqft villa has vaulted ceilings through and two sizeable open plan lounge areas overlooking the pool and the beach. A fresh living room provides cable and internet connection whilst the fully equipped kitchen with stainless steel appliances is decently equipped to cater for liberal parties and events.