Top Wedding Villas In Barbados: Exotic Caribbean Garden Wedding At Its Best

Barbados is regarded as one of the top wedding destinations for couples needing a private yet exciting setting for their vows. The beaches are perfect and the people are friendly. It’s tough to beat the views the island has to offer. Barbados has been accommodating weddings now for more than 20 years to seasoned holiday-makers and stars alike. Preferred wedding locations in Barbados are beach weddings, great house weddings, tropical garden marriages, church marriages and marriages at sea i.e. Catamarans and personal yachts.

The lovely Caribbean island of Barbados is the perfect location for your dream wedding. Whether you are seeking a wedding on a perfect beach, a normal wedding in an old church, a marriage in a luxurious Barbados wedding beach villa for rent, or on a private island, Barbados offers a wide choice of exotic and standard locations for you to choose between for your dream wedding.

There’s a range of marriage settings offered in Barbados. The most preferred is the beach marriage, where the barefoot couple claims their promises with the sea as their background. The island offers a selection of locations, from resorts, restaurants, historical spots and churches. It actually depends on the couple’s taste and the budget where the event is held but almost all locations in Barbados is a special place to celebrate love.

A Caribbean villa Barbados style marriage is one dream wedding that can be affordable for inventive couples. Checking the marriage packages before booking is a good way to avoid over-spending. Some packages include things from the travel expenses, marriage license, and music to the champers waiting for you in your villa. Each villa offers different packages so an in depth research is advocated. There is also marriage coordinators prepared to assist couples in their preparations.

Imagine reciting your promises to the love of your life while the sun sets on the Caribbean, with your nearest acquaintances and family gathered around both of you. Barbados is actually one romantic island for couples celebrating love.

If you’re looking for a Caribbean Garden wedding our villa is the best choice for you:

Bellevue Plantation Estate
The Bellevue Plantation Estate offers a magnificent Caribbean Garden estate complete with 8 bedroom and 8 bathrooms and can comfortably accommodate 16 people. This is a perfect venue for couples who want to experience the ultimate Caribbean garden wedding.

Bellevue is an impressive, newly transformed plantation estate home. The house is sat in isolated woods at the end of a modest, unmarked road, a real surprise for those who chance on it suddenly.

This house is a great property to be used for events such as marriages, incentive groups and retreats, as there are big entertainment rooms, spacious grounds with enormous swimming pool and bar area. Bellevue is found just 10mins from Bridgetown & south coast beaches and has a sweet view across the Bridgetown Harbor.