Ultimate Family Villas In Barbados: Finest Luxury Family Villas In The Caribbean

Barbados is gaining popularity as a perfect holiday destination for families. The island is awash with spotless beaches and totally clear water, and offers great music, vibrant flora, rich history and culture, and not to miss out, great food. Its population comprises mixed races that are primarily descendants of those African slaves who were brought to the island, to work on the colonial sugar plantations. Barbados is a popular vacation location among the tourists, also because of its low crime rate making it a safe heaven for families.

Barbados has a variety of holiday activities certain to keep tourists entertained and engaged. Beaches and thrilling activities apart, Barbados offers evocative museums, pumping nightlife as well as exquisite dining restaurants. It is the ultimate island destination for you and your family.

Barbados beaches are just perfect for all kinds of water sports. So if you’re extremely interested in them, there are a lot of vacation packages for you to select from. There are golfing holiday packages, fishing day trips and sport fishing packages. You can go windsurfing, kite surfing, skiing, etc among many other sports.

If you like horse riding, you’ll find spending a day at the historic Garrison Savannah racecourse delightful. You might even take a horse for a unusual ride on the golden beaches. All the family will enjoy the thrill of a submarine trip, or maybe a helicopter ride to see the island from above! A safari trip is also a wonderful way to enjoy the natural wonder of Barbados. And after a day of Caribbean adventure you can always return to the peace and relaxing refuge of your beautiful Barbados family villa rental!

Visit Barbados on an extended family vacation. Explore lovely beaches, turquoise green waters and sexy flora amidst the symphony of calypso music. Gorge on sumptuous food and dig into the local history and culture. This is Barbados for you.

We have the perfect family villas in Barbados that will guarantee a comfortable and luxurious living experience:

Nelson Gay
Featuring the best beach front view of St. Peter bay our Nelson Gay villa
has 6 bedrooms and 7 1/2 bathrooms perfect for big families and large groups. It can aaccommodateup to 18 people complete with all the amenities to ensure a comfortable and luxurious living.

Located on the favoured and exclusive West coast, Nelson Gay’s garden gate opens straight onto an extraordinary crescent of perfect coral sand. The clear, sheltered water is roped-off for safe swimming and is excellent for all water-based activities. There’s also a coral reef with excellent snorkeling. In fact Nelson Gay’s position is just excellent for family vacations.

Nelson Gay is ideal and safe for kids, the villa is all on one level and the pool can be fenced off if required.

Crystal Springs
The Crystal Springs Villa is one of the biggest villas in St. James, Barbados. It can house up to 20 people with 10 luxurious bedrooms and 10 1/2 bathrooms fitted with complete amenities to ensure a great and comfortable living experience.

Only an exclusive few are privileged to experience the pleasure afforded by a stay at Crystal Springs, one of Barbados’ most impressive beachfront estates. Located on 1.7 acres, this enthralling home is composed of 8 bedroom apartments, 3 bedrooms in the main house, 2 in the adjoining annex ( a ‘bridge’ spans the natural water course that dissects the property ) and 3 others in cottages on the grounds.

This property is the perfect location for exotic, tropical marriages and important occasions.

Greensleeves Villa
A big and spacious villa with a maximum capacity of 22 people the Greensleeves Villa has 9 bedrooms and 9 1/2 bathrooms complete with all the amenities to guarantee a comfortable and luxurious Caribbean living experience.

Greensleeves, an exclusive vacation villa on a lovely West Coast shore headland, has got access to 2 tranquil beaches. Golden bamboo-framed, Mongolian temple doors at the entrance, usher you over a Japanese water garden, packed with decorative koi.

The free-form pool, boasts a mini island with coconut trees and swim-up bar. Need a relaxing break away from the fun in the sunshine? Head to the in-house theater with its high-tech entertainment platform ; cool and plush – complete along with popcorn.