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Holiday in Saint Martin means final leisure and unlimited fun. The co-existence of 2 various cultures in St Martin for over 350 years has added to the island’s attractions. The northern side of the island is occupied by the French, while the southern part belongs to the Dutch. However the best thing is that travelers can unreservedly roam around in the island – there isn’t any check point between the Dutch territory of Saint Maarten and the French Collectivity of Saint Martin.

Though the island has a Dutch and French history, English is also widely spoken. Visitors may also utilize either Eurodollars or US dollars nearly anywhere, along with using their credit cards at ATMs, or to pay for services and products immediately. A great way to get around is to utilize the in depth network of little and cheap buses that span the whole island.

Living in our family villas rental in St. Martin is the right way to feel the aura of the place. Well furnished bedrooms offering incredible ocean view, decorated terraces, professionally equipped bath and kitchen, living room with home cinema, WI-fi net, PC, video games and game rooms, non-public swimming pool, spa, non-public beach access, tennis courts, golfing ground, manicured garden all around call for a superb and relaxing vacation.

The tropical Caribbean climate makes provisions for a very comfy year round hot temperatures, with little variation in temperature from one season to another. A mean air temperature throughout the year of about 27C and the sea is a really agreeable 26C normally each day of the year.

If you’re looking for the perfect beach house to stay in St. Martin for your family checkout our top villas with a magnificent beach front view in Guana Bay and Grand Case. All of have 5 bedrooms and 5 1/2 bathrooms with state of the art amenities to guarantee a comfortable and luxurious Caribbean living experience.

These galvanizing villas are located in Guana Bay, directly on Guana Bay Beach offering over five thousand square feet of living space. The spectacular views, the back-drop of Sky, sea and the villa is totally striking.

The villa’s in depth space, rooms, terraces, outside patio and non-public pool join together making a fabulous harmonious flow all though and are bordered by a luxuriant large garden.