Capt. Bergeron takes you Above and BELOW the Sea!

Capt. Bergeron takes you Above and BELOW the Sea!

This awesome clip is of a dive in Sint Maarten of the Gregory Barge wreck.

The Gregory, was a self powered barge which sunk in 1993. It sits upside-down in about 50 feet of water with a reef surrounding the wreck. The reef offers a great variety of corals and sponges. The wreck itself is about 100 feet long and mostly intact. On the starboard side it has an opening offering easy access to the interior of the wreck. The barge also offers lots of port holes to inspect the inside, when diving around the Gregory you will see scorpionfish, angelfish, snappers, parrotfish, grunts, filefish, barracudas, pufferfish, moray, southern stingray and lots of yellow head jawfish. Sergeant majors have nests on the walls of the wreck. They will come towards you to protect their eggs. The walls are also a paradise for bennies. On the inside of the ship, one can see more creatures with nocturnal habits; like “squirrelfish”, Caribbean spiny lobster, spotted lobster, and a variety of shrimps and crabs.

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