Fun in the Anguilla Sand and Sun

The following list provides a brief description of several of the most beautiful beaches. Make sure to visit as many as you can on your next vacation in Anguilla.

Captains Bay
Captains Bay is lined with dramatic coral cliffs. The beach is a wide stretch of white sand cornered at both ends by rock cliffs. It is now possible to reach the beach by walking the cliff road east of Island Harbour. The waters off this beach often carry a strong under-toe and it is not recommended for swimming. It is ideal for a picnic lunch. Take along a pair of hiking boots and wander through the rock formations along the coast or take the dirt track all the way to the eastern end of the island. Watch out for Abadam hole along the way. This giant cave was exposed to the surface when the thin rock roof collapsed.

Island Harbour
Island Harbour is a fisherman’s village with a harbor full of small homemade fishing boats. The crescent shaped beach is lined with palm trees and the water is generally calm but quite often is lined with seaweed. The quiet relaxed atmosphere makes it worth the trip and is the place to find a local fisherman willing to take you for a boat trip to Scrub Island or fishing off shore.

Shoal Bay East
Shoal Bay East voted one of the ten best beaches in the Caribbean. Shoal Bay in the east is the most popular beach on Anguilla. This means that a good portion of the beach is lined with beach bars, small resorts and umbrellas. Fortunately they seem to blend into the background and actually come in handy when you are ready for lunch. The water is perfect, a giant pool of clear blue with a sprinkling of tiny fish right off shore. A short distance from the gradually sloping soft white sand is a live reef full of colorful fish and coral. For a great day on the water off Shoal Bay beach, look for Junior and his glass bottom boat.

Limestone Bay
Limestone Bay is worth the trip. Quiet, secluded and occasionally the nesting spot for some of Anguilla’s sea turtles and the island’s Iguana.

Little Bay
Little Bay is Anguilla’s best kept secret, a tiny quiet beach, fantastic snorkelling… You can get there by climbing down the cliff but a better way is to take Carl’s water taxi from Crocus Bay.

Crocus Bay
Crocus Bay is a short drive from The Valley,with magnificent cliffs and view of Anguilla’s off-shore cays. Often overlooked, this beach is great for swimming and snorkeling. Get in the water at Crocus Bay and swim all the way to Little Bay. The swim is easy, the water is shallow and is full of reef fish and coral. There is a small beach only accessable by water between Crocus and Little Bay. Here’s a thought…go in the morning, snorkel to Little Bay, arrange with Calvin’s Little Bay Boat Service to pick you up and carry you back.

Katouche Bay
Katouche Bay is a tiny beach is at the bottom of Anguilla’s only “rain forest”. Take the nature walk through Katouche Valley and end up at the beach. Or drive from Crocus Hill to Masara and walk down the easy way.

Road Bay
Road Bay and the village of Sandy Ground is Anguilla’s main port for ships and also nighttime activites. The long curved beach is lined with high cliffs and a salt pond behind. The harbour is usually filled with all types of fishing boats and pleasure boats. It is also the best place to find a boat ride to Sandy Island or Prickley Pear Cay. You have everything on Sandy Ground beach, great restaurant, entertainment and even a small grocery store.

Prickley Pear Cay
Prickley Pear Cay and Sandy Island are small cays off the north coast of Anguilla, a popular stop for sailboats and snorkel trips. Take a short boat ride to the islands from Sandy Ground. Three beachbar restaurants offer lunch and boat rides to the island.

Long Bay
Long Bay is usually quiet and the perfect spot for sunbathing. A villa type resort has recently been added to this beach front. Oliver’s restaurant sits on the cliff above with easy access to the beach, great views.

Meads Bay
Meads Bay is a long stretch of sand, perfect walks in the sunset. Villa accommodation, a resort and restaurant line this beach.

Barnes Bay
Barnes Bay beach has great views and unusual rock formations. Several rental villa homes and a restaurant and hotel line this beach.

Windward Point
Windward Point is rugged wilderness. Wear hiking boots and explore the eastern tip of the island. Climb the rock at the end of Anguilla and get an excellent view of Scrub Island. This area is at present completely desolate…take a buddy.

Savannah Bay
Savannah Bay on the eastern end of the island is a long sweeping cresent beach backed by sand dunes. At present this beach has one beach bar and an occasional small fishing boat.

Mimi Bay
Mimi Bay is isolated rugged and not a great place for swimming,but perfect for shelling and hiking. Take a buddy.

Sandy Hill Bay
Sandy Hill Bay is a cresent of sand on a protected bay and a pleasant place to sun and swim. A favorite beach of the local population. A number of villas, some rental villas line the hills around this beach.

Forest Bay
Forest Bay has very shallow water and a great view. Popular restaurant Straw Hat is located at the eastern end of this beach. Several rental villas are on the western end. This is one of the few beaches on Anguilla that has private rental villas right on the beach.

Elsie Bay
Elsie Bay is a tiny jewel and has some unusual snorkeling opportunities. Several rental villas are within walking distance of this beach.

Little Harbour
Little Harbour is protected on all sides, this beach has no waves and is good for swimming and boating.

Blowing Point
Blowing Point is the ferry port for Anguilla, this strip of beach has a very selcuded area to the west of the ferry that is wonderful for beach picnics and swimming. The area also has several rental villas and restaurant.

Rendezvous Ba
Rendezvous Bay is a mile long stretch of sand with calm clear water and the perfect view. Several resorts, a few rental villas and restaurants line this beach.

Cove Bay
Cove Bay is lined with sand dunes and a gentle cresent beach. One restaurant sits on the eastern end of the beach and a public jetty.

Maunday’s Bay
Maunday’s Bay Beach is completely surrounded by Cap Juluca Resort. To reach this beach you must go through the resort.

Shoal Bay West
Shoal Bay West is a pleasant curve of sand with relatively calm waters for swimming. The view of St. Martin and Saba from this beach make it an enjoyable place to sunbath. The beach is dotted with upscale resorts and 2 restaurants.

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