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Allow an experienced Barbadian tour guide to bring your sightseeing to life as you explore this amazing island. There is such variety in the types of tours offered. Here are some of the island’s better-known tours that CaribbeanDays can now book for you:

All guests with CaribbeanDays are welcome to book our villas and spend their stay self guided. But for extra adventure and to get the most out of your vacation, CaribbeanDays can now book your guided adventure!

On Barbados, Tours and Activities available are:

– Catamaran Sail & Snorkel Tours, 5hr tours starting at $135/person
– Eco Tour, 4hrs starting at $115/person
– Caving, Eco Tour, 4.5hr starting at $105/person
– Local Flavor Andromeda Gardens, 4.5hrs starting at $109/person
– Hunte’s Garden & Andromeda Gardens, 4hrs, starting at $210/person
– Snorkeling and Boating Tours, 2hr, starting at $40/person
– Abbey and Wildlife Tours, 4hrs., starting at $85/person
– Harrison’s Cave Tours, 1.5hrs, starting at $70/person
– Abbey Tours, 1.5hrs., starting at $70/person
– Orchid World or Hunte’s Garden, Abbey and Wildlife Tour, full day tour, starting at $105/person
– Wildlife Tour, 1.5hrs., starting at $60/person
– Cave, Abbey & Wildlife or Flower Forest Tour, full day tour, starting at $130/person
– Cave, Critters and Snorkeling Tour, full day tour, $140/person
– Pottery, Cave and Abbey Tour, full day tour, $135/person
– Abbey and any Garden Tour, 4hrs tour, $72/person
– Cave and Abbey Tour, 4hrs tour, $90/person
– Cave and Wildlife Tour, 4hrs tour, $85/person
– Cave and Garden Tour, 4hrs tour, $85/person
– Wildlife and any Garden Tour, 4hrs tour, $65/person
– Orchid World Tour, 1.5hrs tour, $60/person
– Banks Breweries Tour, 1.5hrs tour, $45/person
– Fishing, 2hrs., $40/person
– Sailing Coastal Tour, 2hrs tour, $40/person
– Barbados Garden Delight Tour, 5hrs tour, $115/person
– Animal Flower Cave Tour, 1.5hrs tour, $55/person
– Plane Tour, 2hrs tour, $170/person
– Potters, Craft and Rum Tour, 4hrs. tour, $65/person
– Cave and Pirate Cove Snorkeling Tour, full day tour, $100/person
– Harrison Cave and Mount Gay Tour, 4hrs tour, $90/person
– Sightseeing Tour, 1.5hrs+., starting at $55/person
– Caving and Submarine Tour, 4hrs. tour, $160/person
– Coast to Coast Tour, full day tour, $75/person
All pricing is approximate due to time of year, weather and availability. Firmer quotes available upon inquiry.

The beautiful and varied beaches of Barbados live up to the expectation one may have. Safe, beautiful and peaceful seashore and an interior dotted with a lot of gardens constitute the small country. The east coast is also famous for surfing.

The multi-cultured island originates from British and West African settlers after being occupied in 1627 by the British. One of the things the people of Barbados really take pride in is their rum. Barbados is home to the 350-year-old distillery Mount Gay Rum, which is known to be the oldest rum in the world. Being in the Carribean, nothing is a bigger factor in the islands culture more than the beautiful water that surrounds it. The tropical paradise sets the tone for the locals and the visitors creating a quick understanding of the laid back mentality of the island.

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