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In addition to the plethora of watersports activities available to guests of St. Martin villas, the island offers beautiful scenery for mountain biking, hiking and running, and horseback riding. There are also plenty of activities for families with children, and don’t forget the casinos!

St. Maarten is a unique Caribbean island divided into a French side (Saint Martin) and a Dutch side (Sint Maarten). These two distinct sides can make travelers feel that they are visiting two different countries. Both sides offer exquisite beaches though! The Dutch side is known for jewelry, casinos and an active nightlife, while the French side is known for its outdoor shopping markets and nude beaches, but a great time is sure to be had on both sides!

Families with children might enjoy Galion Beach, nicknamed “Baby Beach” for its calm, shallow water. There is even a big box of beach toys for toddlers at Tropical Wave Restaurant.

All guests with CaribbeanDays are welcome to book our villas and spend their stay self guided. But for extra adventure and to get the most out of your vacation, CaribbeanDays can now book your guided adventure!

– SXM Island Tour, 5hrs tour, starting at $45/person
– Boating and Paddle Boarding to Aguilla Beaches, 9.5hrs tour, starting at $130/person
– Soualiga Sky Exporer and Flying Dutchman Tour, 2.5hrs tour, starting at $109/person.
– Soualiga Sky Explorer & Schooner Ride, 2.5hrs., starting at $79/person
– Full Day Sail Tour, 9hrs tour, starting at $150/person
– Charter Boat to Tintamarre, Creole rock and Rendez Vous Bay, 9.5hrs tour, $150/person
– Scuba Diving Tour, 3.5hrs., starting at $160/person
– Snorkeling Tour, 3.5hrs., starting at $65/person
– Open Water Diving, 2 Day tour, starting at $650/person
– Boating and Snorkeling Charter, 3.5hrs. tour, starting at $800
– Sightseeing, Beach and Shopping, 6hrs tour, starting at $50/person
– Dolphin Watching Tour, 30mins tour, starting at $139/person
– Sailing, Snorkeling Tour, 4.5hrs. tour, $140/person.
– City to City Tour, 3hrs. tours, starting at $40
– Hiking, 6hrs. tour, starting at $400
– Orient & Maho Beach Rendez Vous, 5hrs. tour, starting at $40/person
– Beach Hopping and Snorkeling, 5hrs tour, $40
– Sightseeing and Ziplining, 2.5hrs. tour, starting at $129/person
– Day Sail tour, 5hrs. tour, starting at $109/person
– Day Yacht Charters, full day tour, starting at $1,100
– Perfume Making Tours and Class Experiences, 1hr+. tour/class, starting at $106/person
– Sightseeing and Shopping Tours, 5hrs., starting at $45/person
– Boating and Paddle Boarding Tours, 5hrs., starting at $1,800
– Soualiga Sky Explorer Sightseeing Tours, 2.5hrs. tour, starting at $59/person
– Sailing, Swimming and Snorkeling Tour, 8hrs. tour, starting at $111/person
– 2 Island Stop Sailing Snorkeling and Swimming, 8.5hrs tour, starting at $120/person
– Sunset Cruises, 2hrs tour, starting at $500
– Jet Skiing Tour, 45mins. activity, starting at $75/person
– Hoverboarding, 30mins activity, starting at $90/person
– Fly Boarding, 30mins activity, starting at $90/person
– Pub Crawl, 5hrs. tour, starting at $95/person
– Snuba SXM, 2.5hrs. tour, starting at $95/person
All pricing is approximate due to time of year, weather and availability. Firmer quotes available upon inquiry.

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