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St. Martin’s communications systems are relatively up-to-date. The one complication in the phone system arises from having two countries share one island.

When dialing from abroad, the country code for French St. Martin is (590) 590 followed by the 6-digit local number.

On Dutch St. Maarten, the country code is 1, just like the US, followed by the area code 721. Dutch St Maarten switched to the North American Numbering Plan in September 2011.

Calling from one side of the island to the other requires you to dial 00, then the country code and local number.

How to call Sint Maarten from the USA/Canada:
dial 1 + 721 + local phone number
How to call French St Martin from the USA/Canada:
dial 011 + 590590 + local phone number

St. Martin Cell Phones

Cell phones from the States may work on the island; call your provider before you leave. Cell phones can also be rented from a number of companies as well, including some car rental agencies.

St. Martin Newspapers

The main island newspapers are The Daily Herald on the Dutch side (daily) and St. Martin’s Week on the French side (Tuesday and Friday). The Herald is printed in English and features news stories from both sides of the island and neighboring Caribbean islands as well as international news.

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