Excellent selection of local specialties

As Tortola is the largest of the British Virgin Islands, restaurants on the island are also the varied providing an excellent selection of local specialties, gourmet delights and the freshest seafood. Take advantage of the endless variety of foods and settings available to Tortola’s guests. Try some of the local specialties, such as:

– Roti: A flavourful East Indian flat bread filled with meat or vegetables.
РPat̩: Not to be mistaken for liver p̢t̩, this West Indian dish is a baked/grilled style pita bread filled with spiced meat, seafood, or vegetables.
– Fungi: In no way related to the mushroom, this delight is made from cornmeal and okra, and is usually served with seafood dishes. Very similar to Italian polenta.
– Whelks: A seasonal seafood delicacy that is quite similar to escargot.
Conch: Another seasonal seafood delicacy Рtry it in fritters, pat̩, soup, salad, or as a main entr̩e.
– Anegada lobster: The ultimate in BVI seafood delicacy – reputed to be the best in the Caribbean.
– Fresh local fruits: Most of these are seasonal like soursop, papaya, mango, pineapple, guava, sugar apple, passion fruit, and tamarind.

Here are some of our favorite restaurants:

Brandywine Bay
(284) 495-2301
“Sophisticated, elegant, and romantic. Menu changes daily. Not cheap, but worth every penny. Excellent service & location. Dinner only.”

C & F
Purcell Estate, Road Town, on a side street past the Moorings and Riteway.
(284) 494-4941
“Casual spot for the best BBQ in town. Fresh local fish, excellent curries. Hard to find; many recommend taking a cab.”

Capriccio de Mare
Waterfront Dr., Road Town
(284) 494-5369
“Small, casual, laid-back Italian café with an authentic feel. The best pizza on the island, pastas with succulent sauces, and well-stuffed sandwiches.”

Fort Burt Restaurant
Fort Burt Hotel, near Road Town
(284) 494-2587
“Generous portions of outstanding Caribbean food.”

Jolly Roger Inn
Soper’s Hole, West End
(284) 495-4559
“Excellent friendly service, good food, and a great atmosphere. Don’t miss the Key lime pie. Check out the tarpon in the water if you sit dock-side. Closed August & September.”

Cane Garden Bay
(284) 495-9649
“Chowder made with fresh Anegada lobsters is the specialty, though the menu includes hamburgers, fruit platters, vegetarian dishes, and grilled shrimp, steak, and tuna.”

Soper’s Hole
(284) 495-3154
“Great food, great service, and great prices. One of the best for breakfasts.”

Ridge Rd., Road Town
(284) 494-3567
“One of the best restaurants on the island, located on one of the highest peaks. The fresh fish chowder and other soups are favorites, and the fresh fish of the day is always excellent. Another great Key lime pie.”

Spaghetti Junction
Baugher’s Bay, just East of Road Town
(284) 494-4880
“Fabulous food with the best, friendly service. Fine but casual atmosphere. Closed mid-August to mid-October.”

Trellis Bay Cybercafe
Trellis Bay
(284) 495-2447
“Good quality fresh food. The ‘Awesome Sandwiches’ are truly awesome. Very friendly and efficient service. Fun atmosphere on the beach.”

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