Guest security & safety

Guests of Tortola vacation villas will find that the island is relatively safe and secure. Keeping these few health and security concerns in mind will help to ensure that your vacation is enjoyable and hassle-free.

As is true for any vacation destination, we recommend keeping your villa and your rental car locked. Robberies and petty crime do occur on Tortola, so use common sense.

The roads are windy, so drive slowly and carefully. If possible, avoid driving across the island at night – the road along the coast is actually easier.

Do not underestimate the power of the Caribbean sun – many a traveler has had his or her vacation spoiled by painful sunburns or sunstroke. Protect yourself with sunscreen and avoid the strong midday rays.

For major medical problems, contact the Peebles Hospital, on Porter Road in Road Town (284-494-3497). For minor medical issues, it’s best to avoid the Tortola hospital and the insurance hassles that may evolve. Instead, visit the local pharmacy.

For the police, or in case of fire, call 999. The main police headquarters is on Waterfront Drive near the ferry docks on Sir Olva Georges Plaza (284-494-3822).

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