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The Turks and Caicos Islands are a British overseas territory consisting of the larger Caicos Islands and smaller Turks Islands. This small nation only has a population of a little over 30,000 people and the main industry for these islands are tourism. The crystal clear waters and white sand beaches are enticing for any traveler, not to mention the selection of beach front resorts. A few days spent by the ocean or cruising in a boat on these waters may be the most relaxing trip of your life.

Scuba, snorkeling, and beachcombing are by far the most popular activities on the Turks and Caicos. If you’re looking for something else to do, read on.

CaribbeanDays, in addition to villa rentals, can now book your tours and activities on these exciting adventures:

– Kitesurfing, 4hrs tours, starting at $150/person
– Eco Tour, Swimming and Archaeological Exploration, 4hrs tour, starting at $90/person
– Jet Skiing Seafari, 2hrs tour, starting at $252/person
– Kitesurfing, 2hrs+ tour, starting at $88/person
– Sailing and Snorkeling Tours, 4hrs tour, starting at $1,792
– Scuba Diving Tour, 4hrs tour, starting at $99/person
– Snorkeling Tour, 1hrs+ tour, starting at $56/person
– Sailing, Fishing and Snorkeling Tours, 4hrs, starting at $1,232/person
– Snorkeling and Swimming Tours, 6hrs, starting at $234/person
– Sighseeing, Archaeological Exploration, 7hrs, starting at $278/person
– Iguana Island Tour, 1hr tour, starting at $50/person
– Local Flavor and Sightseeing Tours of Leeward Settlements, 4hrs tours, starting at $168/person
– Jet Skiing Tours of Ghost Freighter, 2hrs tour, starting at $196/person
– Boating, Fishing and Snorkeling Tours, 8hrs tour, starting at $1,344
– Fishing, 4hrs tour, starting at $728
– Flyboarding, 10mins activity, starting at $69/person
– Paddle Boarding, 2.5hrs tour, starting at $140
– Glow Worm Sunset Cruise and Tour, 1.5hrs tour, starting at $72/person
– Sunset Cruise, 1.5hrs. tour, starting at $72/person
– Local Flavor Pub Crawl, 1.45hrs., starting at $69/person
– Horseback Riding, 1.5hrs+ tour, starting at $85/person
– Tubing Rides, 14mins. activity, starting at $35/person
– Local Flavor National Museum and Arbor Tour, 1.45hrs tour, starting at $36/person
– Sightseeing, Salt Tram Tour, 1.45hrs tour, starting at $29/person
– Grand Turk Stingray & Snorkel Adventure, 2hrs tour, starting at $79/person
– Sightseeing, Pirates & Treasure Tour, 1.45hrs tour, starting at $35/person
– Birdwatching Tour, 1.45hrs tour, starting at $35/person
– Whale Watching, 2hrs tour, starting at $183/person
– Grand Turk Island Tour, 1.5hrs tour, starting at $60/person
All pricing is approximate due to time of year, weather and availability. Firmer quotes available upon inquiry.

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