CaribbeanDays and Sandals Resorts

Even though CaribbeanDays specializes in Luxury Villas; we have also been very supportive and book vacation stays through Sandals Resorts and Beaches by Sandals.

Beaches Resort By Sandals

What is unique about Sandals that makes CaribbeanDays so proud to support them is their foundation and the work they do.

Would you like to stay in a love nest by Sandals Resorts that gives back to the community that you vacation in? Sandals Resorts and and Beaches by Sandals are classy that way!

CaribbeanDays will be proud to make that vacation happen for you!

The Sandals Foundation Gives 1000 Smiles to the Caribbean

“Peace begins with a smile.” – Mother Teresa

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a smile is worth a million. It’s one of the first forms of communication we have with people, often setting the tone for our relationships.
That’s why the Sandals Foundation is dedicated to changing lives in the Caribbean. Through a decade-long partnership with Great Shape! Inc.’s 1,000 Smile program, countless individuals have had their futures brightened forever with essential dental treatment, including exams, cleanings, fillings, dentures and root canals, plus screenings for oral-related diseases.
In 2018 alone, we were able to impact over 26,000 people through 39,000+ procedures across three islands, providing almost $4,600,000 worth of treatment.

While the sum of this year’s work amazes us, it’s the lifelong impact that keeps driving these initiatives. In Jamaica, over 80 patients were able to experience the joy of eating solid foods again with much-needed dentures, free of cost. With this treatment normally costing months of income for the average adult, our patients were smiling ear to ear – and it looked great!
Many of our patients were also seeking relief from pain – both physical and emotional. This year alone, we extracted almost 6,000 teeth to bring a new level of health and comfort to the Caribbean. In regions where pain medications and private dentists are both limited and expensive, our free clinics provided life-changing work in minutes to those who suffered from the challenges of looking and feeling different than those around them.

We are incredibly honored to partner with an organization like Great Shape! Inc. that brings health and healing to the frontlines of the Caribbean and couldn’t do this without the loyal donors that continually sustain the efforts of the Sandals Foundation.

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