CaribbeanDays Welcomes You To Celebrate Easter!

Have you ever spent Easter in the Caribbean?  CaribbeanDays would love to make that possible!

As the second biggest religious celebration, Easter is a big deal across the Caribbean. A church, chapel or cathedral denotes every village, town and city.


Every celebration of Easter in the Caribbean includes imaginative pepper-scattered fish dishes that grace every table on Good Friday, tropical floral displays, and Easter lambs. Carnivals then signify the beginning of Lent; whereas, Good Friday is a much more solemn affair. Families spend time together, attend Mass and refrain from eating meat: a symbolic act of abstinence in recognition of Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross. Local islanders also stay away from the beach on Good Friday due a Caribbean wide superstition that not to do so would bring bad luck. Take a dip at your peril, they warn, as it is sure to see you develop a rainbow of scales and turn into a fish!

But no worries!  If you do not develop rainbow scales, as the legend says; our friend Calvin over at can arrange for you to see them up close!



Antigua Dive Sites worth mentioning

Most of the best dive sites in Antigua are around cades reef. This is also one of the main spots for snorkelling. Your dive operator may do cades reef regularly.

Double Dip out in the seeming middle of nowhere you can get down to 22m here and maybe get lucky enough to see some sharks. The reef is healthy and part of the Cades Reef System. This site was found when the Antigua Boat Yacht race markers were installed.

Sunken Rock See this report

Pillars of Hurcules – The Pillars are above the water but boulders and good coral make this dive site one of the best on the island and the south side.




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