Crypts, Bones & Catacombs of Italy

CaribbeanDays can now bring guests on a tour of the least visited catacomb, the Catacomb of Santa Priscilla.

Christians were buried here when their religion was outlawed as enemies of the state. This is an extraordinary journey through miles of underground tunnels and contains a view of the oldest depiction of the Virgin Mary. This is a guided tour with a thorough history of early Christianity.

Guests will then be guided to Rome where they will tour the Capuchin bone crypt. The cemetary contains an historical background of the friar monks, their way of life and their affirmance of death.

Next guests will tour Rome’s hidden treasures of Basilica of San Nicola in Carcere. This underground voyage of 10th Century temples will allow guests to dwell in the Heart of Ancient Rome as they tour the 4th century fruit and vegetable market. View the original temples and marble columns of the basilica structure which enable guests to descend through time.

Adventures in Italy by CarbbeanDays!

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Villa Machiavelli – Chianti Classico, Florence, Italy

Bella Roma – Italy

Aiola Villa – Tuscany, Italy

Orfea Villas in Lucca – Tuscany, Italy

Tria – Bravo Villas Italy

Hiera – Bravo Villas, Italy

Villa Lika – Sorrento, Italy

Ambita Villa – Amalfi Coast, Italy

Villa Olida – Sicily, Italy


The Cradle of Art, Mother of the Italian Language, Home of Opera – Welcome Florence, Tuscony, Italy

La Festa Degli Innamorati – Italy

Even Jerry Seinfeld can now rent in Tuscany!

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