Disney’s Treasure Island and the Caribbean’s Legacy

July 19, 1950 Disney released their first completely live action film, Treasure Island. The film was based on the novel by Scottish author, Robert Louis Stevenson.

1950 Treasure Island Trailer

Several Caribbean Islands claim credit as to having some influence in the creation of the Treasure Island tales, Tobago, Norman Island, and Virgin Gorda. These islands are close and the Pirates traveled them in the same sense we walk a shopping center. There is no doubt many of these islands have contributed to legends. And that is the most interesting point of Treasure Island. It is based off of real, actual events!

On November 13, 1750, fifty chests of treasure that had been stolen from a Spanish galleon at Ocracoke Inlet, North Carolina, were buried on a deserted island in the Caribbean. And because of Stevenson’s family ties to the Caribbean, he had to have known about it!

In late August of 1750, the Spanish galleon, Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, was driven by a hurricane from her intended course of returning to Spain to the desolate shores of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Shattered and unable to sail, she was towed into Ocracoke Inlet in order to save her million dollar cargo. Owen Lloyd and his one-legged brother, John, two merchant captains from Hampton Roads, Virginia, whose own vessel had been driven to Ocracoke, formed a conspiracy and stole the silver from the galleon. Owen Lloyd sailed away with fifty-five chests of pieces of eight and buried his treasure on Norman Island in the British Virgin Islands

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