Empowered Guests are Happy Guests! Traveling During Hurricane Season.

September is a very beautiful month in the Caribbean Islands. The temperature is cooler and offers the best rates due to it being hurricane season.

But with Hurricane Irma looming in the Atlantic; we wanted to repost some helpful tools to empower guests with information.

As per Dennis Feltgen of the National Hurricane Center, the South Caribbean coastline statistically is less frequently affected by hurricanes. Although there have been exceptions. More often it is the northern Caribbean Islands that have received more action.

With hurricanes, if you stay informed, advanced warning is always available. Satellite imaging and tracking can give you up to five days notice of a hurricanes approach. So take note of these steps and you can have a safe, protected vacation!

– Most, if not all, of the villas available through CaribbeanDays have WiFi. So bring connected devices like cell phones with Internet access, tablets or laptops. Save the National Hurricane Center in your browser favorites.

– Check with your credit card company about reimbursements for nonrefundable travel incidents before you leave. Credit card companies offer safety nets and they can challenge travel services and activities for “unfulfilled services” if you have your trip truncated due to weather. You will have to submit a claim in writing within 60 days of the charge appearing on your bill. So use this credit card for most of your payments during your stay to protect your vacation.

– Airlines typically waive fees for hurricane related trip disruptions. Before leaving on your trip, go to the airline website, find the policy details and read (and print!) the travel advisory section. This will give you the information for steps to take if a weather incident affects your travel and the call centers become overwhelmed during this period. It will save you time.

– Travel insurance is your biggest asset. A comprehensive policy can cover medical, emergency travel services, baggage protection, trip cancellations and travel interruption.

Booking through a travel service, like CaribbeanDays will give you the piece of mind to navigate this maze. That is what we are here for.


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