For #NationalLighthouseDay – Here are the Lighthouses of Trinidad and Tobago

#NationalLighthouseDay, CaribbeanDays will give you a look at the lighthouses of Trinidad and Tobago.

Fort King George Lighthouse, Tobago

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is an island nation in the southeastern corner of the Caribbean Sea north of Venezuela’s Orinoco Delta. Originally colonized by Spain, the islands were ceded to Britain in 1802 and united as a single colony in 1889. The country has been independent since 1962.

Scarborough Light, Tobago, May 2009
Flickr Creative Commons photo by Susan Hunt

Scarborough, Fort King George – The lighthouse is located within the grounds of Fort King George, built in the 1770s

Port of Spain Light, Port of Spain, February 2014
Flickr Creative Commons photo by David Stanley

Port-of-Spain City Lighthouse, Port of Spain – The Port of Spain station was established 1841. The lighthouse was built at the base of the St. Vincent Jetty.

Chacachacare Light, Dragon’s Mouth, May 2007 photo copyright Rory and Bunty O’ Connor

Diego Martín Region (Dragon’s Mouth Area) Lighthouse – The Dragon’s Mouth, Bocas del Dragón, is the strait separating the northwestern corner of Trinidad from the tip of Venezuela’s Paria Peninsula.

Galera Point Light, Toco, February 2011 Flickr Creative Commons photo by Gavin

Sangre Grande Region (Northeastern Trinidad) Lighthouses – Located at the northeastern tip of Trinidad, east of Toco.

Savonetta Range Rear Light photo copyright Capt. Peter Mosselberger

Couva-Tabaquita-Talparo Region (Gulf of Paria) Lighthouses – Savonetta is an industrial port on the central west coast of Trinidad, facing the Gulf of Paria. Located close to the waterfront at Savonetta.

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