Happy Anniversary Finding Nemo!

May 30, 2003, Disney released the animated Disney-Pixar feature film Finding Nemo to theaters in the US.

The film, Finding Nemo, inspired an entire attraction at EPCOT’s Futureworld, “The Seas with Nemo and Friends”. Within this attraction is a display called Turtle Talk with Crush the sea turtle. Guests enter a movie theater-like room featuring an aquarium-style window to the ocean. Crush swims down and engages guests with quick wit and humor to questions about his life as a sea turtle.

Children love this display. Disney recognized this. So they created a replica of this display and donated it to the Children’s Hospital of Orange County, CA to entertain the child patients. Cast members from Disneyland volunteer their time daily to operate this display for the children.

~~Little dudes are just eggs, we leave ’em on the beach to hatch, and then — koo-koo ka-choo! — they find their way back to the Big Ol’ Blue.~~ /Crush


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