Happy Birthday to Disney Legend, Joe Fowler 1894

Disney Legend Joe Fowler was born July 9, 1984.  He was a graduate of the US Naval Academy and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Fowler was a designer of the World War II aircraft carriers Lexington and Saratoga.  He retired a rear admiral and joined the Disney team in April 1954.  Fowler oversaw construction of Disneyland, supervised operations, construction of Walt Disney World.  He was named a Disney Legend 1990.

1958 – Disneyland’s Fowler Harbor

June 14, 1958, The dock in Frontierland and the southwest side of the Rivers of America were named Fowler’s Harbor.

Disney Legend Admiral Joe Fowler

Disney Legend, Joe the “Can do” guy Fowler (July 9, 1894 – December 6, 1993) attended the United States Naval Academy and was a graduate from M.I.T. with a master’s degree in naval architecture. He was a rear admiral of the United States Navy, who after his retirement had an important role in overseeing the construction of Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Joe Fowler was hired as a construction boss for Disneyland. After Disneyland was completed, Fowler stayed on as General Manager of the park for its first 10 years, and assisted with the construction of Walt Disney World. He retired from The Walt Disney Company in 1978 though he continued on as a consultant.

The dock for the two large ships in Disneyland’s Rivers of America, located across from The Haunted Mansion is named Fowler’s Harbor. One of the buildings is called “Fowler’s Inn”. In 1999, one of the ferries that crosses the Seven Seas Lagoon taking guests from the Ticket and Transportation Center to the Magic Kingdom was renamed Admiral Joe Fowler in his honor; it was originally known as the Magic Kingdom I.

Admiral Joe Fowler was without question, one of the most productive and knowledgeable men in Disney History.

Admiral Fowler, thank you for your service, thank you for the magic, and rest in peace.
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The Admiral Joe Fowler Riverboat at Disney’s Magic Kingdom



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