Let’s Peak In On Our Friends at Potcake Rescue – Turks and Caicos

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On Grace Bay in Turks and Caicos, puppies roam the beach to meet and greet guests.

These puppies are from Potcake Place Rescue.

In Turks and Caicos, Potcakes have evolved into a breed which is extremely smart, loyal and loving. They earned the name Potcake because the locals fed the caked remains of their cooking pots to the dogs.

The volunteers of Potcakes Place Rescue socialize the puppies, excercise them, (and find them new homes in the process!) by bringing them to Grace Bay for about two hours a day. Potcake handlers even have a system in place to help guests of Turks and Caicos take this puppies home with them from vacation! So not to worry if you are here and decide to leave with a bit of love!

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