The Firehouse at Disneyland

July 17, 1955, The firehouse in Town Square at Disneyland opened.

This firehouse held a little secret. Walt Disney had a private apartment on the second floor. Even today, a lamp burns in the window of that apartment in memoriam at the Disneyland’s firehouse. “The lamp in the window is always on to show his spirit is always present!”

That second floor apartment was the perfect place for Walt to do quiet work, or enjoy with his family.

Only photo of apartment taken by National Geographic Magazine

The day Disneyland opened, Walt watched from his apartments window how the crowds poured through the gates. Mouseketeer, Sharon Baird was there:

“On the opening day of Disneyland, we (Mouseketeers) were in Walt Disney’s private apartment above the Main Street Fire Station when the gates of the park opened for the first time. I was standing next to him at the window, watching the guests come pouring through the gates. When I looked up at him, he had his hands behind his back, a grin from ear to ear, I could see a lump in his throat and a tear streaming down his cheek. He had realized his dream. I was only twelve years old at the time, so it didn’t mean as much to me then. But as the years go by, that image of him becomes more and more endearing.”

CaribbeanDays can book your stay at Disneyland so you too can see this firehouse and see the lamp illuminating in the second floor window of Walt’s spirit!

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