The Natural Wonders of Aruba

Arikok National Park comprises 20% of the Aurba, a Dutch Island.

Along the windward coast of Aruba there are the Ayo Rock Formations that are opened for exploration.

The rock formations are clusters of huge tonalites that sit together in an area just north of Hooiberg. Ayo Rock Formations are monolithic rock boulders located on the island of Aruba in the Caribbean near the Ayo village, about 3.2 km from the
natural bridge towards Casibari.

Casibari Boulders are about 3.2 km inland between Natural Bridge and Oranjestad, the capital of Aruba, west of Boca Andicuri.

Casibari Boulders are of the unusual and notable rock formations, which are tonalites seen to the north of Hooiberg. They are reddish brown in color and rise above the desert landscape giving a panoramic view of the island. They are located amidst cacti, and lizards are commonly encountered here. The boulders have unusual shapes resembling birds and dragons. There is no plausible explanation yet for the presence of these unusual wind-carved boulder formations on a flat sandy island. However, the geological formations seen on the island are of volcanic origin in its eastern sector, and some areas which are of coral formation are ascribed to the sea which was at higher level.

Guests also have a guided tour of Aruba’s Gold Mining Company. Bushiribana and Balashi were the sites of two former gold smelters on the Caribbean island of Aruba. Built in 1825 to extract gold ore from the Ceru Plat, its it’s ruins have become a popular tourist attraction of Aruba’s history.

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