There is still time, Be Spontaneous! Pirates are Invading the Cayman Islands


There is still time, Be Spontaneous!

Have you ever been to the annual Pirate Festival in the Cayman Islands? With airline prices to the Caribbean at it’s lowest, and villas still available, when not be spontaneous? It’s fun, unique and fall is the best weather in the Caribbean.

Pirates Week starts with a dramatic pirate invasion. Pirates sail into George Town’s Hog Sty Bay and “capture” the Governor to kick off the festival. The festival is dramatic and provides a memorable experience. The invasion is coupled with street dances, delicious food, fireworks display, Heritage Day Celebrations, boat races, runs and sea swims. At the end of the week, the pirates “return” the Governor.

CaribbeanDays can make you apart of the 2017 Experience!


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